The ultra-lightweight humanoid robotic arm is simple and easy to operate and the system is open and highly compatible. The end has a general interface that is flexible, plug-and-play and supports secondary development. RealMan is eager to cooperate with industry leaders to build a new man-machine ecosystem of human-machine integration on the premise of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. RealMan is dedicated to bringing robots into thousands of homes and making intelligent robotic arms accessible to everyone.

End Tool

The robotic arm's end can be equipped with a variety of grippers, five-finger dexterous hands, suction cups and other plug-and-play execution tools.

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Mobile Chassis

The integrated and modular robotic arm has rich interfaces and can be mounted on a variety of mobile chassis to fulfill the growing application needs in multipl......

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Visual Sensor

A deep visual sensor installed at the end of the robotic arm, which implements functions such as robot visual guidance, perception, obstacle avoidance, navigati......

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