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This product achieves durability and cost-effectiveness through comprehensive innovation and design of its fundamental mechanisms, reducing components and simplifying its structure. The core objective of this product is its price point, which falls within the range of approximately thousand dollar. Additionally, with a 600mm effective working arm span, 7 degrees of freedom, and a 2kg payload, it can address the majority of working scenarios while also contributing to the development of humanoid robots. Lastly, this arm inherits the lightweight genes of the Real-man robotic arm, weighing less than 5kg, making it convenient for handling and installation.

  • 4kg


  • 2kg


  • 600mm

    Working radius

  • 1mm


Application Scenarios


Degrees 7
Maximum load 2kg
Body weight4kg
Repeatability 1mm
Working radius  600mm
Power supply voltage DC20~30V,DC24V

Power supply voltage

Max power consumption 200W,Comprehensive power consumption 100W
IP grade IP54 (robotic arm body)
Materials Aluminum alloy, ABS
Controller Integrated
Communication mode WIFI/Network interface/Bluetooth/USB serial port/RS485
Control mode Drag and drop teaching/Teaching pendant/API/JSON
Joint motion range

J1 ±178°、J2 +105°~-105°、J3 +178°~-178°、J4 +55°~-178° 、J5 +178°~-178°、J6 +0°~-220°、J7 +178°~-178°

Articular lock Joints J1-J3 have a hard brake function
Joints J4-J6 have a soft brake function

TCP Speed


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